Architectural Designs
Custom Homes / Permit Plans
Network & Computer Solutions
Website Design

3D Designs

Residential / Commercial / Civil

RH Designs was created around the idea of providing all of its clients with 3d perspective renderings, of their project, to aid with the design process. For those who have a hard time visualizing what the space will look like, this service answers majority of all design questions!


IT Solutions

Networks / Servers / CAD & 3D Workstations / Gaming Rigs / Computer Repairs / Data Recovery

RH Designs stays up to date with the latest in security, technology, applications and hardware. We are very active in the IT community and a proud member of Spiceworks. We also use the latest technology to create 3d architectural renderings and construction plans. Contact us today with any IT need; from service repairs to custom computers and new network setups.


Website Design

E-Commerce / Business / Blog / Gallery

Todays world lives and works around the internet. From shopping, to selling services or items, to informing and finding new clients, Websites tell us all who you are and what you do. Contact us today with any of your website needs.


Custom Homes, Renovations & Additions

Kitchens / Bathrooms / Garages / Outdoor Living / Decks & Screen Porches

RH Designs has provided renovation and addition work to many clients across the United States and the Greater Richmond VA area. No job is too small and we always enjoy a challenging project! The best part about working with us is seeing your project in real time 3d before construction has even started.


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RH Designs, LLC is proud to announce that it has been approved as an authorized Service Seller!

About us

RH Designs first opened its doors in 2008. Providing residential and commercial designs along with technical network and computer assistance accross the United States. We are celebrating our 8th year in business! Thanks to our clients, we continue to take on all projects large and small. We have evolved as a company over the years, expanding the products we offer.

RH Designs was created around the idea and question most homeowners and business owners today still ask, “What will it look like?” This is where we come in. We are a full service 3D Residential – Commercial – & Civil Design company. It’s our mission to create the space “you” asked for; a functional, flowing space that doesn’t look like an addition. We take what you have in mind, but can’t quite see, merge that information with our space planning skills and show you, exactly, what the space will look like before a hammer has been swung. Our background originates from several years in the home building and remodeling industry, as well as light commercial, civil site, and utility design. Included with those years of experience, is a highly trained background and knowledge in several design – drafting programs, e.g. AutoCAD & Chief Architect. We work with several homeowners, designers, drafters, Architects, Engineers, and home builders, across the United States. This service is designed around the individual or business owner who is looking for a customized, and stream – lined service. We offer a wide array of products from interior and exterior renderings to complete construction documents, for any size job, ready to submit for permit.

We started out in the Architecture field and branched into the IT Community, simply because today's designs are powered and inspired by technology. Computers are mostly inexpensive to say the least however, what comes with the inexpensive price tag are inexpensive parts. Most of us want more bang for our buck, and when it comes to computers or technology in general, saving a few dollars and purchasing the less expensive model will come back and bite you in the end. We have all learned this the hard way, unfortunately, but this is where we shine! Informing our customers of; what you are really getting for your money, the long term savings of purchasing a custom computer will save you many, many, headaches. Our services dont stop there, we offer everything you need to start-up a home network, get that small business network up and running and website designs!